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PAHM has a long history in the design, manufacture & installation of customized weighing & delivery systems for both batch style & continuous operation concrete plants.

Chemical additive scales BW-C

Dosing & weigh scales from 5-500 kg & up to 5 separate weigh chambers in either stainless steel or alternative non-reactive plastics. Dosing via dosing lance or channeled through water spray systems.

Aggregates scales BW-Z

Batch style aggregates weigh hoppers from 500-10,000 kg capacities. Batch gates designed with flap gate or for conveyor extraction. Internal walls lined with wear protection in either rubber, special wear resistance steel plates or specialized plastics.

Dosing / Weighing belt scale DBW

Continuous style dosing hopper for aggregates from 10-10,000 tons/hr. Fully automated belt tensioning & tracking device, independently operated frequency inverter controlled motors for variable adjustment ensures a dosing accuracy of +- 0.5 %. Installed with load cells permits "real time" dual weighing & volumetric dosing for added accuracy and data acquisition.

Continuous weighing & dosing system for cement & flyash BW-B

Continuous style weighing & dosing hopper for cement & flyash with weighing capacity 50 tons/hr. Installed with load cells permits "real time" dual weighing & volumetric dosing for added accuracy and data acquisition. Frequency inverter controlled screw conveyor motors allows for incredibly accurate & continuous flow of cement / flyash.

Cement weigh scales, type BW-B

Cement / flyash weigh hoppers from 100-5,000 kg capacity. Delivery via butterfly valve, vein feeder or screw conveyor. Internal walls finished with special glide lacquer for stick free emptying.

Continuous water measuring & dosing system, type WDM 50

Continuous water dosing via inductive flow meter, capacity up to 40m3/hr with resolution of 1 ltr.

Water weigh scales, type BW-W

Single load cell water weigh hoppers from 100-3000 kg capacities in either steel or stainless steel. Option for dual chambers, water spray systems and discharge via specially sealed gate or butterfly valve.

Ice weighing system, type BW-E

Ice weigh system with capacity up to 500 kg. Insulated trapezoidal scale hopper fixed with vibrator & ice delivery diffuser ensures the smooth & controlled delivery of ice from the weigh system to the batch plant inclined belt, skip or directly to mixer.